ARK Pool

ARK Pool

Earn ARK with just one vote!


This is an ARK Pool set up by @seatrips and @lepetitjan. You will receive a share of the forged blocks of the pool delegate (seatrips). How much? That depends on the voting weight of the address you use to vote seatrips.


ARK has a dPOS code base like Lisk which means that 51 delegates (nodes in the ARK network) are responsible for forging the blocks instead of miners. Only if your delegate is in the top 51, you will forge blocks and therefore earn ARK.

We set up this pool so people without a delegate can also earn some ARK without having to do the hard work of keeping a node online.


In order to receive a share of our forged blocks, you only have to vote for delegate "seatrips" once:

The payout script runs once every day around midnight (UTC). That script will check the current voters and add them to the database. So it may take a while before you see updated statistics on your address page. Your vote is visible almost immediately on the homepage though!

90% of the Forged Ark will be payed to the voters

You will be paid when you reach the minimum of 1 ARK!


Delegate nameAddressBalanceWeight